Just prior to the introduction of Channel 4, ITV was the largest of just a few visual media available to the UK Advertising Agencies. Since then the Globe has experienced a proliferation in media content, from the spread of cable TV in the US and satellite TV in the UK and Continental Europe. This has created greater competition in the market, but only at the expense of fragmenting the popular consumer audience.

The widespread use of the Internet over the past decade has since brought additional opportunities and challenges as the global consumer audience has become increasingly fragmented. Media content is increasingly becoming specialized and consumers with specific interests are becoming increasingly distracted from more traditional forms of visual media as online media content becomes more ingrained into our cultural existence.

Therefore, audiences are becoming increasingly fragmented in the ways they find and experience entertainment content and the related marketing messages, which can be frustrating for the brands and the advertising agencies who are trying to connect with them.

Viral Planet’s in depth understanding of Social Video; where Social Video and Social Media content interjects is extensive and as such have access to thousands of online media publishers who have both niche and general population attractions.

Viral Planet’s extensive publisher network enables our expert team to carefully select media that is relevant to the campaign content and the brand message thereby ensuring a greater degree of audience engagement and higher levels of consumer interaction.

As the world continues to change, Viral Planet’s team continues to stay ahead of development and blaze a trail into this fast evolving universe…

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