Getting videos to GO VIRAL

An Advertisers ultimate goal is for one of their large online videos to go viral. What we mean by this is that the online video becomes so globally popular that it receives in excess of 1million views and is talked about and discussed on various news sites and media publishers. This is entirely understandable given the additional return on investment (ROI) and the additional value this could generate for their brands and clients. However, what is completely unbelievable and somewhat unprofessional is that some online video distribution agencies are “guaranteeing” that they can make online videos go viral, although in reality they tend to fail their Advertiser’s and respective clients.

At Viral Planet, we essentially understand that a video will go viral as a result of good planning and delivery, however, there will always be an element of luck that cannot be guaranteed.

Viral Planet’s approach to online viral videos is therefore whilst we have the very best in the industry in terms of technology, team and a global publisher network to draw from, planning is everything in terms of ensuring that the odds are stacked in your favour to ensure that your online video has the best opportunity to go viral. This is a core topic of Viral Planet’s team of experts and they are constantly discussing, sharing ideas and regularly publishing articles upon this panacea topic.

At Viral Planet, we understand that if you fail to plan you therefore plan to fail and whilst we will never guarantee the false promise of an online viral video, we do promise that our team will work tirelessly with our Advertisers and their clients to ensure that each video campaign has the best possible opportunity to go viral.

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