Making a hit on FACEBOOK

Why is Facebook so important? This is a question our team keeping asking, time and time and time again… Some may argue that it is a plaything and not as effective as Google as a true business marketing engine… But does this argument stand up?

Many argue that the proliferation of cable and satellite TV and lately the internet have fragmented consumer audiences; some even say that with Google’s help consumer audiences have not become fragmented, worse… Google, through the powerful search engine has shattered consumer audiences into a million pieces, making it almost impossible to reach large audience without the assistance of Google’s powerful pay-per-click marketing model.

Google is great for consumers, who already know what they want, they simply search and the most relevant and popular choices as reflected in Google’s search index; but what about new products? How do Advertising Agencies promote these products with consumer audiences continuing to fragment with TV audiences fiercely competing with each other and the internet continuing to churn out a million pages of content per day…

Facebook, THE social network has in excess of 700 million users… As Google’s search engine has fragmented consumer audience; Facebook has brought more than one tenth of the Planet’s population under one single umbrella, which is very impressive. Consumers don’t pay for the use of Facebook, they use it freely, many now accessing it on their mobile ‘phone, so this is one large and relevant consumer audience group.

Viral Planet’s team know this, they also know that people dislike being sold things or having products and brands pushed in their faces. With Facebook, you can be far more subtle, you can facilitate Social Media Conversations to take place, some say “ah but that is dangerous, what if they say negative things”; at Viral Planet, we know more than most that you cannot control what people say about your product, but you can control the quality, the brand, the message, the social message if you will…

The Social Message is the one element that you can control, and at Viral Planet our teams of experts work tirelessly with our clients to communicate this throughout social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

The question is, do you want to appear on Facebook, the next question should be do you want to make sure that you get this right? Then contact the Viral Planet team…

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