It is often said that ‘word of mouth’ is the very best form of marketing and at Viral Planet we very much agree with this statement.

However the art on conversation has changed significantly over the past hundred years and even more so in the past decade especially with the proliferation of the mobile telephone, email and social media websites such as facebook and twitter.

At Viral Planet, we understand the art of conversation and that this has recently morphed, largely due to website blogs, forums and social media. Consumers are constantly discussing what music they like, what films they watched and more importantly, what was fantastic about them or maybe what was not so good. Viral Planet’s team of experts call this Social Media Conversation.

Social Media Conversation is essentially a conversation on some form of social media platform that is discussing a brand, product or service and the interaction between this. Positive Social Media Conversation can help with an online video to go viral; but more importantly people are freely sharing media content, and given the current forms of technology such as text, email and social media websites, this spread can now happen in seconds and minutes.

Viral Planet’s proprietary technology platform, VAMP not only tracks all forms of social media conversation, it can instanty identify any social media conversation spikes and our team of campaign managers has the very best technology available to them to identify the source and take appropriate action to ensure that the campaign has the greatest success possible and engender longer term brand engagement.

Now that’s got to be worth talking about…

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