When you are on the journey to success, having the very best tools, equipment and technology is only one part to achieving success.

At Viral Planet, we more than most understand that it is not just the technology, but that essential Human Touch you get from a balanced and experienced team; ultimately you need that personal involvement to help you along that journey.

Our highly experienced team are in touch with thousands of publishers, bloggers and social media experts and are constantly updating their skill base to evaluate consumer trends and understand various audiences across multiple verticals.

A great online video is only one part of that dimension, to get a universal understand you not only need the most advanced technology available, but you that that A team behind you to ensure that your campaign delivers maximum exposure, propelling your product and brand to greater heights and engaging consumers across the Planet.

Our team is constantly reviewing metrics, developing increasingly complex benchmarks, we always ensure that all our campaigns exceed their agreed KPIs; but more than that, the Viral Planet team understands the smallest of nuances and the newest of trends across various consumer verticals, moreover our team continue to develop their insight in terms of what the audience enjoys and more importantly what displeases them. This detailed level of understanding and the communication between our team, our Advertisers and their clients, ensures that future campaigns are relevant, enjoyable and exceed industry benchmarks. Essentially, our team are here to ensure that our Advertisers’ clients stay ahead of the competition; Viral Planet have coined this: Consumer Engagement.

Engendering Consumer Engagement not only promises more online video views, but also greater social sharing, leading to a higher levels of consumer conversation, generating higher levels of consumer interest… …this is considered to be the first step on the journey to longer term brand engagement.

We are Team Viral Planet and are here, ready and waiting to propel your online social media campaigns into the stratosphere and far beyond…

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