Consumers watch from the comfort of your home

Have you ever wanted to buy a product or service online but ultimately did not because of the fear of getting ripped-off? Today more and more Internet marketing plans are geared towards putting consumers minds at ease when purchasing goods and services online. Here’s a few ways online video advertising has evolved in recent years to accommodate the modern day online consumer.

Making a Personal Connection

Let’s face it, shopping online can be scary when you don’t know who’s on the other side of the screen. Shopping in a store, as opposed to shopping online are two very different experiences. The most crucial element many new online businesses fail to establish is a personal connection with their audience. Online retailers are often trying innovative ways to customizing their websites to resemble more of an in-store experience. Through online video advertising both the consumer and the online business benefit from introducing new products to the world.

Building Consumer Confidence With Video

Potential for finalizing a purchase is greater when the customer has a chance to test drive and see a product or service in action first. Maybe it’s due to location or perhaps a consumer just doesn’t have the desire or ability to physically go check out what they’re shopping for in person. Video advertising is revolutionizing online shopping by making it easier for consumers to take a closer look at online goods prior to making a commitment to buy. Some websites even offer customers a chance to meet the owner, putting many fears of conducting business with that individual to rest.

Adding a Human Element

Online video advertising can be very persuasive to a consumer by adding human elements like expressive vocal tones and facial expressions, things you don’t experience through just reading text. Consumers find more truth in a video testimonial in contrast to scrolling through the endless comments most web pages offer as a source of discussion. Many comments offering very little insight on the actual product or service. New websites are finding quick success and boosting credibility with potential customers by posting video of real people discussing their experiences.

Reduce Returns

The main reason online sales result in returned merchandise is because the item did not live up to the customers expectations upon arrival. Not only is this costly for the retailer, the bad experience can leave the customer feeling a bit hesitant when thinking of shopping online in the future. It’s essential to give your customer a full understanding of what they can expect from your product or service to avoid loss of profits through returned goods.

Consumers are plugged into the Internet more hours of the day than every before. The Internet continues to grow at a very fast pace and with that growth an even greater number of consumers venture online each year to fulfill their needs. Due to advanced technology, our ability to keep a closer watch on businesses will continue to strengthen consumer confidence in online shopping.