Current Video Ad Trends via Social Video Distribution Platforms

Producing an online video ad has become one of the fastest growing venues for advertising businesses, brands, and merchandise. Global Media Solutions Company, Viral Planet, argue their services can help produce video advertising that will engage people’s attention and help businesses grow. As the use of video ads have grown in popularity, new trends are starting to appear. These trends are proving to be very effective in engaging the attention of the general populace.

Featuring of Big Events

A key to having a successful video ad is to crate a connection with the audience. By having an ad feature a big event, such as Dorito’s Crash the Super Bowl campaign, viewers’ attention is easily grabbed, and a connection between that event and the advertised product is established. T-Mobile’s spoof of a wedding procession was launched two weeks before the Royal Wedding, and is still a very popular video ad watched on YouTube.

Less Statistics, More Stories

In our action-packed and hurrying society, a successful video ad needs to engage people’s attention quickly. Using numbers and statistics is not enough; instead, marketers need to pitch their products through a storytelling medium. Honda and the Ferris video ad utilises the popular movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to tell a story about a family man and his car. It is using an old story from a popular movie, and a new story through the ad, to get viewer’s attention and engage their interest in Honda’s CR-V.

Travails of the Workplace

Among the latest video ad trends is to target the trials of the workplace, especially within a cubicle-filled office. They are pinpointing some of the annoying tribulations that workers endure, and portraying solutions in a humorous way. Logitech advertised their video ad for BH320 ear buds in this way, citing them as a solution to messy hairstyles that come with putting on and off headsets to answer calls. This effective trend appeals to many viewers who are employed in office jobs.

Interactive and Global Appeal

Interactive appeal is another trend in creating a popular video ad. Due to the growth of mobile phone apps, smart phones, and other hand-held devices, people are getting used to constantly interacting with their electronics. Try employing a video-game appearance in a video ad, such as T-Mobile’s Angry Birds ad, or create a video ad that appears as if the viewer is actually using electronic equipment. The Yellow Pages’ use of a moving mouse arrow utilizes this trend. As electronics become ever more widespread among the population, we can expect to see an interactive appearance as a main element of any good video ad.

Viral Planet states that the advantage in producing an effective video ad for its customers is that these latest trends will be in mind during creation. Big events will be a launching point to bring viewers’ attention to their ads. By appealing to people’s need for interactive content that is relevant to their everyday lives, video ads will be a fantastic way to reach a larger audience and capture their attention about new products, engaging consumers and endearing brand loyalty.