How to Find High Quality Online Video Inventory

Online video is a popular form of advertising in itself, but having ads placed beneath the video is also another great advertising idea. Global media solution company, Viral Planet, argue that for companies looking to advertise on video ads, finding a high quality online video inventory is of high importance. While connecting to an online video inventory that is good quality can be difficult, there are a few avenues that can be used to make the search easier.

Using Direct Sales Techniques

A direct sales approach is likely can be a time-consuming process of soliciting advertising business for your company. It requires a great amount of time spent online, looking for popular video ads and the companies that produce them, and soliciting their business. This method of searching extensively for the best online video inventory may be the cheapest route to take, but will use up resources in time and labour.

Social Media Channels

Social media networks are an efficient way to discover online video inventory. They are prime locations for companies hoping to start viral campaigns. Seeking advertising business through a social media network is more time-efficient than utilizing direct sales, but can still be more time-consuming than other options. Weeding through the many ads and campaigns out there can take a long time, and doing background research to ensure you have chosen the best online video inventory for your advertising will take longer.

Video Ad Networks & Working With Global Advertiser

A video ad network is an ideal tool for finding the best online video inventory for your advertising needs. Video ad networks connect advertisers with companies that are selling ad space on their videos. The network does the searching for the advertiser, saving them the enormous amount of time and effort that would otherwise go into searching. Posting an ad on the video ad network is inexpensive and removes the element of chance from the advertising gamble. By helping connect companies with advertisers that align with their campaigns, the desired audience is more likely to see the ads.

Video Ad Networks: Helping the Company

Using a video ad network is of benefit to both the advertiser and the company. More companies are likely to sell ad space on an online video inventory through an ad network than through any other venue. A video ad network helps a company quickly find advertisers that are selling products in alignment with their video ad campaign. By recognizing the usefulness of a video ad network to both the company and the advertisers, one can realize the enormous potential the video ad network has in connecting advertisers to an online video inventory that will best spread their ads to the desired audience.

Finding a high quality online video inventory can be a daunting task, hence why working alongside companies such as Viral Planet will ensure that the matched media content is sought to promote your companpies products and brands. Hence it is highly necessary for advertisers who are looking to find space to advertise their companies and products through the popular medium of online video. While there are other means available, using a video ad network like Viral Planet is the best option for finding an ideal online video inventory for your needs.