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Viral Planet wants YOU…!!!.

Do you have a blog, are you are tweeter, do you actively use Facebook or Google+? Then Viral Planet wants YOU…!!!

We are currently working with thousands of publishers across multiple marketing verticals and we now have one of the industry’s largest online video inventory; hence if you have either a general blog or specialist subject blog or you are an active social media user, then we want to work with you.

There are so many within the industry that promises you, the independent blogger, the world with such promises of unique content and blah, blah blah…

At Viral Planet, we are down to earth people who play with a straight bat. What we do promise you is distinct online video content from great consumer brands, parallel promotional material to generate more consumer demand and consequently higher levels of traffic. As we are the good guys, we have no minimum payment threshold and will also pay you more regularly, on time, every last Friday of the month so you know that the money should be there when you expect it to be. To cap it all off we have built the most advanced technology in the universe, we call it VAMP and it enables us to pay our publishers the best rates in the Industry.

We are like you, we understand what it is you do and how you like to work; and we promise that we will deal with you as people, not numbers and we will always be on the straight and level with you, the independent publisher.

It is our mission at Viral Planet, to make ensure that our publishers are properly rewarded for their efforts and that our publishers earn the most in the industry maybe even to a point where ad sense becomes no sense at all.

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