Conversation SPREADER

At Viral Planet, we know that word or mouth is an important marketing tool; hence this is why we work with many of the world’s largest global marketing and communication companies to spread their word… …only we do this with online video!

At Viral Planet we work with thousands of publishers across the globe, but we are always looking to expand and diversify our online video inventory, so we have created the “Conversation Spreader”. What we mean by this, is that if you, an independent publisher recommend another independent publisher to the Viral Planet Publisher Community; then we will pay you a flat 20% rate of the value that they generate for their first year with Viral Planet.

By you spreading the word and therefore spreading our conversation, we therefore want to spread and share the love with you. We reward all our independent publishers for recommending their colleagues and contemporaries to Viral Planet and we will of course spread a little love and pay you for your experience and connections in this World.

Our proprietary technology platform, VAMP, will ensure that every online video ad view, every social media interaction and every social media conversation regarding the online video that we are promoting is accurately tracked and that our comprehensive analytics suite will ensure that you get paid your fair share for each viral campaign that you partner with.

  • Spread the word and spread the social media conversation…

  • Recommend your publisher colleagues to Viral Planet

  • Receive 20% of your colleagues views as a reward

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