Whatever you’re publishing: be it a website, a blog or a clever or quirky application, we want you to concentrate all your energies into getting your new venture to blast off…

At Viral Planet, we want you to concentrate on what it is you do very well, and that is create great blogs, sites and applications; we know this and therefore have put an enormous amount of energy into our technology platform, VAMP, to ensure that it is as easy as can be for you to make good money from your great works of art.

We offer a fantastic selection of online video advertising content and viral campaigns and we are always creating additional promotional material to ensure that our video campaigns go viral. In fact, one of the first questions our campaign mangers ask is: “how to go viral?”

What does this mean for you? Simply you have the audience, we have the content, the viral ads and by working together we can ensure that the online video has the best possible chance of going viral, thus, driving more traffic to your site and subsequently making more money for you.

The Viral Planet team are extremely careful to ensure that whatever online video advertising content we recommend is directly in tune with your audience and we never seed any content onto your site without your prior approval.

Sign up now and see for yourself, how our clever technology guys have been working hard to make this the most painless and easy to use platform in this space…

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