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Thanks to our proprietary technology platform, VAMP, Viral Planet team to automate previous manual processes, fragmented workflows, and are able to react much faster than other players in the industry. By significantly improved operational efficiency we have increased the amount of time for our team to talk about growing / nurturing opportunities with our publishers.

Not only do we pay much higher rates and overall better values than other players in this universe, but we also pay you every last Friday of the month and have NO MINIMUM PAYMENT THRESHOLD; whatever you earn is whatever we pay you on time: NO EXCUSES, NO BROKEN PROMISES!

Some may know that the great company, Google are renowned for their TGIF, “Thank God It’s Friday” and as we have learnt from the very best in this online space, we know that people like money on Fridays and that is why we make this promise to you, the independent publisher. .

The Viral Planet team understands that our Publisher Community is a crucial part of our global network hence we like to place our publishers at the heart of our universe. That is why at Viral Planet you will get the very best from us, the team, in terms of great campaigns, the very best payment rates and good old fashioned customer service.

  • NO MINIMUM PAYMENT THRESHOLD – we look after all of our publishers so you see ALL OF YOUR CASH far sooner

  • Publisher payments processed on time – the last Friday of every month

  • Overall Publisher Payment Values – typically 20% to 50% higher than other players

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