Top 10 Viral Video Marketing Campaigns of 2012

As global brands are becoming ever more creative with developing online video campaigns, many of which are going viral as they continue to increase in popularity. The Global Media Agency, Viral Planet, continually monitors and reviews viral video commercials and they consider the following to be the top ten video viral marketing campaigns of 2012:

1. Rovio: Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space is a video game created as a phone app. In this advertisement, NASA scientist Don Pettit is describing how the game works while inside the space station. He demonstrates the process of the game, referencing it to trajectory studies that are also used by NASA. This viral marketing ad appeals to viewers for its fun association with popular NASA astronauts.

2. Invisible Children’s Kony 2012

This short film was created by Invisible Children to bring awareness to the “Stop Kony” movement. It brings attention to the efforts to bring criminal Joseph Kony, leader of Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army, to justice. As of April 9, 2012, this video has been blocked on You Tube due to copyright issues. The growth of this viral marketing campaign can be attributed to its direct appeal on people’s sensitivity to human right issues.

3.  Cartier’s L’Odysee de Cartier

This short video shows the history of Cartier’s progression in the diamond industry. This ad utilizes a creative storyboard, where a diamond jaguar breaks free of its containment to traverse the world. It meets other creatures made of diamond and gold, finally resting at the feet of a beautiful woman, and they are enclosed within a jewellery box. Written on the screen is the viral marketing campaign’s message: “Cartier, Jewellers since 1847.

4. Elephant Plays with Galaxy Note

Galaxy uses a clever elephant to help advertise the fun apps on their phone in this viral marketing ad. The elephant is playing with a young girl’s phone, using his trunk to enjoy features such as playing music and drawing. The final message for the Galaxy Note is: “Bigger is Better”. This humorous ad connects to people’s desire for an engaging marketing campaign.

5. Smoked by Windows Phone

Windows phone has created a viral marketing ad that has attracted many viewers because of its realistic approach to advertising. A young man is in a mall, demonstrating how fast a Windows phone works. He asks random customers to use their phones to perform the same tasks he does on his Windows phone and see which is faster. The Windows phone always beats the Smart phones. This campaign utilizes the genuine reaction people have to the efficiency of the Windows phone.

6. Capital of Scandinavia

To lure people to Stockholm, two gentlemen give a presentation using a remarkable technology demonstration. Through the use of their state of the art technology, these men describe Stockholm’s great economic and environmental advantages. The incredible use of their technological expertise has created an engaging viral ad that is continually attracting viewers.

7. Taste the Rainbow 2012

This viral marketing campaign shows two girls approaching a teenage boy looking for Skittles. He is discovered to have a Skittles vending machine in his belly, and the girls are fighting over the Skittles. This ad appeals to the younger population, as it appears the girls may be fighting over either the Skittles or the boy. It is a fun skit that anyone who has ever struggled with relationships may relate to.

8. Just My Shell

This viral ad continues M&M’s tradition of humorous videos portraying M&Ms as live beings. A young brown M&M woman is at a party, bemoaning that the men assume she is naked because she is brown, like her chocolate filling. A red M&M man appears and sees her, and assuming she is naked, strips off his red candy coating and begins to dance. This appeals to any who have been at a party scene, while creating a fun scenario with M&Ms.

9. Rick Santorum: Obamaville

This is a propaganda ad that negatively portrays Obama’s time as President of the United States. It is a viral marketing campaign that proposes a second term with Obama in office will have a negative impact on the economy and social security. By providing a visual picture of a possible future, it has attracted viewers who have invested interest in the upcoming Presidential election.

10. Samsung: Galaxy Nexus Calling All

This cute viral marketing ad shows a young kid taking a picture of himself with a fake mustache. As his dad comes down the stairs, the father takes the phone and smiles at it, unlocking the phone for his son to play with. Galaxy Nexus is using this ad to show how their phone can be programmed to unlock for a person’s face, increasing the security of your phone. It appeals to all family members who enjoy playing with their phone’s special features.

The above top 10 viral marketing campaigns have attracted large number of viewers across the globe and as Global Media Solutions Companies such as Viral Planet work with global brands in promoting and enhancing their social media presence, they will be continuously producing and distributing online video marketing campaigns that attract ever larger global audiences.